Rondo alla Schizo
Schizophrenic Rondo, with heavy audio processing. Uses Ace and Uhbik-G.

Parade Rain
Features extensive audio processing, including a theme backwards and forward at the same time.

March of the Totem Poles
Tons of percussion, and altered piano.

Groovy Baby
Experimental – many synthesizers.

Only two instances of CS80v were used in this simple piece.

Classical Liquid
A virtual Frankenstein stitching of clips from various classical compositions.

Fast Drip
Micro-tonal – with Uhbik-G.

Mountain Ritual
Short, but evocative snippet.
Harpsichords Gone Wild!
Uses one sound – harpsichord – but modified in many different ways, using Uhbik.

Melting Soundscape
All instruments are randomly generated in Zebra.

Clair du Bowling Ball
My first electronic composition. The opening theme sounds a little like Clair du Lune

Entered into an online composition contest using Zebra patches from the Old Skool soundest.

A Little Night Music
Short stream-of consciousness composition.

I call this "Discovery" because it reminds me of old B science fiction movies, and I imagine a spaceship landing on another planet, and the crew discovering something fantastic.